IBL International immunoassays
for clinical diagnostics and research.
Empowered with Tecan.


Immunodiagnostics expert

We develop, manufacture and offer a comprehensive portfolio of Immunoassays for routine clinical diagnostics and research. These include a broad range of specialty assays for endocrinology, neurodegeneration, neonatal screening, and assessing steroid hormones in saliva. Our ELISA kits can be run manually and with automated applications. They are manufactured at ISO certified/FDA audited facilities and supported with excellent customer service.

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Saliva Diagnostics

Saliva collection can be accomplished under circumstances where blood collection is difficult or inadvisable.

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Myasthenia gravis

Our extensive Autoimmunity range is highlighted by our immunoassays for the detection of both acetylcholine receptor and MuSK antibodies.

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Becoming part of Tecan in mid-2014 has enabled IBL International to benefit from the Group’s global presence and long tradition serving the clinical market with instruments optimized for immunoassay processing. Together, we can even better serve our customers and partners around the world, being able to offer fully automated systems adapted to IBL International’s range of immunoassays – also benefiting patients around the globe relying on swift and safe diagnostics.



Automated dementia markers

Fully automated processing of dementia markers using TECAN Freedom EVOlyzer®

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Multi-tasker of the innate immune system

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