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IBL International – part of the Tecan Group – is an expert diagnostics provider focusing on special and rare indications. The company has over 30 years of experience in the development, manufacture and supply of immunoassays – including enzyme, radiolabeled, and luminescence-based assays – for research and routine diagnostics.

We are a pioneer and market leader in saliva diagnostics, offering a broad portfolio of luminescence- and ELISA-based tests for analytes such as cortisol, testosterone, estriol and various interleukins. The company also offers a number of specialist diagnostic assays for Endocrinology, neurotransmitters and Infectious disease in clinical diagnostics, along with key assays for the research segment, including HMGB1 and NF Light . By combining IBL International’s immunodiagnostics expertise with Tecan’s long tradition in serving the clinical diagnostic market, many of these assays have been specifically optimized for fully automated processing on the Freedom EVOlyzer® or Freedom EVO® platforms, offering complete solutions for the biochemical diagnosis.

IBL International products are available worldwide, through dedicated Tecan sales teams in the US, Europe and China, as well as an extensive distributor network and worldwide support from Tecan's regional offices. An experienced team of product managers and customer service staff ensure the rapid support necessary in a clinical environment, and the company's active research and development program has close ties with academic centers and commercial partners around the world.

All the company’s assays have been designed with uniform pipetting procedures and shared reagents – offering easy adaptation for automated Tecan liquid handling platforms – and are manufactured to meet the highest global regulatory requirements and quality standards. IBL International is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CMDCAS, meets GMP regulations and is audited by the US FDA. Combining these high quality assays with Tecan’s flexible automated solutions offers exceptional productivity, throughput and reproducibility for clinical diagnostics and research.


Improved Saliva Testing of hormone levels

The new 17ß-Estradiol and Estriol High Sensitive Saliva ELISAs are now available to order. These new assays require only 50 µL and 100 µL Saliva sample volume respectively and complete our standardized range of salivary products for steroid hormone measurement.

17ß-Estradiol Saliva ELISA  
Estriol HS Saliva ELISA 


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Neurofilament Light ELISA

Neurofilaments such as NF-light can play an important role in the study of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

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Saliva Testing

Saliva collection can be accomplished under circumstances where blood collection is difficult or inadvisable.

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We are offering a complete set of user friendly immunoassays for the reliable quantitative assessment of melatonin in serum as well as in saliva, and of its primary metabolite 6-sulfatoxymelatonin in urine.

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blind spacer


Quantification of HMGB1 is essential and can be achieved with our HMGB1 ELISA with excellent reproducibility and thus is considered to be the gold standard of HMGB1 quantification.

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Automated dementia markers

Fully automated processing of dementia markers using TECAN Freedom EVOlyzer®

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