anti-HMGB1 [DPH1.1] monoclonal antibody - 1mg

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Details for:  anti-HMGB1 [DPH1.1] monoclonal antibody - 1mg

The mouse monoclonal IgG1 DPH1.1 was generated by injecting C57BL/6 mice with the 17-mer peptide P1 (KGKPDAAKKGVVKAEKS). Hybridomas were generated from splenocytes by standard techniques and tested by ELISA against the immunogen and full-length HMGB1.

DPH1.1 mAb recognizes all mammalian HMGB1s, including human, mouse and rat. It does not recognize HMGB2.

DPH1.1 mAb can be used for Western blot (WB), immunofluorescence (IHF) and mmunohistochemistry (IHC).

DPH1.1 mAb blocks HMGB1-elicited cell migration in trans-well migration assays.

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Catalog No. REHM903

anti-HMGB1 [DPH1.1] monoclonal antibody - 1mg
List Price $3,749
Quantity / Tests 1 mg
Species / Antigen P1
Host mouse
Subclass / Clone IgG1
Type monoclonal
Purification No
Label No
Regulatory Status: For research use only