ELISA plate readers and washers

Spark® microplate reader

The Spark multimode microplate reader is your research partner – built for today and ready for tomorrow. Its modular and upgradeable concept allows you to select just the modules needed for your application, providing a flexible tailor-made solution for your assay needs and laboratory budget.

Spark your lab with
  • a full absorbance spectrum scan from 200-1000 nm in less than five seconds
  • an OD range from 0-4 ensures good linearity, requiring fewer dilutions and less manual pipetting
  • measuring glow and multiple color luminescence in the same experiment
  • a luminescence dynamic range of 106 reducing dilution steps

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Tecan Spark

Infinite® F50 ELISA reader

Compact ELISA microplate reader with latest LED technology providing longer maintenance-free operation.

  • Fast 8-channel absorbance reading
  • Qualitative & quantitative EIA analysis, including all major curve fittings & comprehensive QC functions
  • Wizard-based MagellanTM software interface
  • Designed to meet IVDD 98/79/EC & FDA’s 21 CFR part 11-functionality via Magellan Tracker software

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Infitite F50 ELISA reader

SunriseTM absorbance reader

The smart & reliable microplate reader for ELISA- & kinetic reading

  • 3 year warranty as Tecan’s commitment to quality
  • Reads plate in only 6 sec. via advanced 12-channel optics
  • Powered by smart MagellanTM data analysis software
  • IQ / OQ procedure & documentation
  • Designed to meet IVDD 98/79/EC & FDA’s 21 CFR part 11-functionality via Magellan Tracker software

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Sunrise absorbance reader

HydroFlexTM microplate washer

Provides excellent automated microplate washing in 96-well microplates. Ideal for a wide range of cell and ELISA applications

  • Multipoint aspiration per well to minimize the residual volume in flat-bottom plates
  • High wash efficiency via fast overflow procedure
  • Automated buffer switching within a wash protocol
  • Designed to meet the IVDD 98/79/EC & FDA 21 CFR Part 11-functionality via HydroControlTM software
  • IQ / OQ procedure available

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HydroFlex microplate washer

MagellanTM data analysis software

The comprehensive reader control and data processing software supporting the complete line of Tecan microplate readers.

Take advantage of:

  • the versatile user interface
  • the powerful data analysis capabilities
  • the excellent data presentation
  • the tutorials to get you started easily

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HydroFlex microplate washer