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Details for:  TSH IRMA (CT)
This microplate enzyme immunoassay methodology provides the technician with optimum sensitivity while requiring few technical manipulations. In this method, serum reference, patient specimen, or control is first added to a microplate well. Enzyme-T3 conjugate is added, then the reactants are mixed. A competition reaction results between the enzyme conjugate and the native triiodothyronine for a limited number of antibody combining sites immobilized on the well. After the completion of the required incubation period, the antibody bound enzyme-triiodothyronine conjugate is separated from the unbound enzyme-triiodothyronine conjugate by aspiration or decantation.
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Catalog No. MG13071

List Price $111
Kit size 96
Method IRMA (CT)
Incubation time 1 x 2 h
Standard range 0.1 - 90 mIU/L
Specimen / Volumes 200 µL serum, plasma
Substrate / isotope 125I < 700 kBq
Regulatory Status: For research use only