CD44var (v5) ELISA

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Details for:  CD44var (v5) ELISA
CD44 is a polymorphic glycoprotein which participates in a wide variety of cell-cell or cell-matrix interactions including lymphocyte homing, establishment of B and T cell immune responses, tumor metastasis formation and inflammation.
Three isoform categories of the CD44 molecule have been identified:
1) a predominant 80-90 kDa category, the so-called standard form named CD44std,
2) an intermediate size category of 110-160 kDa and
3) a category which includes very large isoforms of 250 kDa covalently modified by the addition of chondroitin sulfate.

This CD44-family of transmembrane receptor molecules is derived from a single gene located on chromosome 11. Alternative splicing of the mRNA gives rise to the different isoforms, containing inserts of varying sizes in the extracellular domain of the molecule (exons v2-v10). In contrast to standard CD44 (CD44std) which is almost ubiquitously expressed, the variety of CD44 isoforms (CD44var) have a much more restricted distribution, e.g., on keratinocytes (exons v3-v10), epithelial cells (exons v(-v10), activated lymphocytes and macrophages (exon v6).
A splice variant of CD44 (exons v4-v7) confers metastatic behavior in a rat carcinoma model; aberrant expression of splice variants has been detected on a variety of human tumor cell lines as well as primary and metastatic human tumors, including lymphomas, carcinomas (colon, thyroid, mamma, bladder), and gliomas.
Detection of abnormal regulation of CD44 splicing thus could be helpful in cancer diagnosis and disease evaluation.
The sCD44var(v5) ELISA detects all circulating CD44 isoforms comprising the sCD44var(v5) sequences. Determination of sCD44var(v5) will provide more detailed insight into different pathological modifications during cancer and other diseases.

Synonyms: VFF-8 Phagocytic glycoprotein I, Hermes antigen
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Catalog No. BE59241

CD44var (v5) ELISA
List Price $501
Kit size 12 x 8
Method ELISA
Incubation time 1 x 3 h, 1 x 10 min
Standard range 0.32 - 10 ng/mL
Specimen / Volumes 20 µL serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant et al.
Substrate / isotope TMB 450 nm
Regulatory Status: For research use only