IgA Saliva ELISA

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Details for:  IgA Saliva ELISA

Enzyme immunoassay for the determination of human IgA in saliva. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Test Principle

IgA saliva ELISA test is based on simultaneous binding of human IgA to two antibodies, one monoclonal immobilized on microwell plates, the other, polyclonal conjugates with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). After incubation the bound/free separation is performed by a simple solid-phase washing. The enzyme in the bound-fraction reacts with the Substrate (H2O2) and the TMB Substrate and develops a blu color that changes into yellow when the Stop Solution (H2SO4) is added. The color intensity is proportional to the IgA concentration in the sample. The IgA concentration in the sample is calculated based on a standard curve.

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Catalog No. DM59171

IgA Saliva ELISA
List Price $249
Kit size 12 x 8
Method ELISA
Incubation time 1 x 1h, 1 x 15 min
Standard range 6.9 - 400 µg/mL
Specimen / Volumes 25 µL saliva
Substrate / isotope TMB 450 nm
Regulatory Status: For research use only


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